CompTIA A+用語集 インデックス

A+ Certification (A+ Certification)
ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) (ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface))
エアポイント (AirPort)
AT コマンドセット (AT command set)
ATX12 V パワーサプライ (ATX12 V power supply)
エナジースター”グリーン” (Energy Star “Green”)
エンハンスドBIOS (enhanced BIOS)
エラーコレクション (error correction)
エスカレート (escalate)
エグゼクティブサービス (executive services)
エキスパートシステム (expert systems)
エクスプレスカード (ExpressCard)
FPM (fast page mode) (FPM (fast page mode))
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) (FTP (File Transfer Protocol))
HAL (hardware abstraction layer) (HAL (hardware abstraction layer))
HCL (hardware compatibility list) (HCL (hardware compatibility list))
HVD (High Voltage Differential (HVD))
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) (HTML (HyperText Markup Language))
HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) (HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol))
LGA (land grid array (LGA))
LBAモード (LBA (logical block addressing) mode)
LMHosts (LMHosts)
MMX (Multimedia Extensions) (MMX (Multimedia Extensions))
MP3 (MP3)
MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) (MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group))
Msdos.sys (Msdos.sys)
NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) (NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol))
NTFS (NT file system) (NTFS (NT file system))
Ntldr (NT Loader) (Ntldr (NT Loader))
NTVDM (NT virtual DOS machine) (NTVDM (NT virtual DOS machine))
NWLink (NWLink)
SBAC (SCSI bus adapter chip) (SBAC (SCSI bus adapter chip))
SCAM (SCSI Configuration AutoMatically) (SCAM (SCSI Configuration AutoMatically))
SGRAM (SGRAM (synchronous graphics RAM))
SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) (SIMD (single instruction, multiple data))
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) (SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol))
SMTP認証 (SMTP AUTH (SMTP Authentication))
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) (SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol))
SO-DIMM (small outline DIMM) (SO-DIMM (small outline DIMM))
SO-RIMM (small outline RIMM) (SO-RIMM (small outline RIMM))
SPI (SCSI パラレルインタフェース) (SPI (SCSI Parallel Interface))
SSE (Streaming SIMD Extension) (SSE (Streaming SIMD Extension))
SSL (セキュアソケットレイヤ) (SSL (secure socket layer))
SPGA (staggered pin grid array (SPGA))